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High Heat Brown Aluminum Oxide for Bonded Abrasives

Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: "Li"
Model Number: DFAF
Form: Grain
Particle Shape: Sharp
Grading System: FEPA
Available Size: F12-F1200
Features: High Heat-treated
Applications: Bonded Abrasives

Trade Information

Min. Unit of Measure: Ton
Min. Order Quantity: 5
FOB Price: USD 1000.000 - 1200.000
Port: Tianjin
Packaging Details: 25KG bag and pallets
OEM: Yes
Production Capacity: 3000 / Month
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T

Product Description

High Heat Brown Aluminum Oxide for Bonded Abrasives

Heat treatments are often applied to Brown Aluminum Oxides. These may be either high heat or low heat; both enhance toughness, high heat more so than low heat. High heat treatment imparts a bluish color to the grain. Low heat is used to improve cleanliness and capillarity. Uses of heat-treated abrasives include grinding wheels, coated abrasives, and specialized industrial applications.

The brown aluminum oxide grains for bonded abrasives from YCDF are mainly treated by medium and high temperature calcination. Before heating treatment, we analyze the chemical and physical performance index of grains strictly, and make them at a suitable temperature.

As F24 for example:

Bulk Density: 1.76g/cm3

Grain Density: 3.92g/cm3

Toughness: 35%

Grain Strength: 10.8kg

Hydrophilicity: 31mm

Feature: Good Sharpness, durability, stability and safety performance, cost-effective.

Application:  The made medium grade grinding wheels can be used for cutting general steel and lathe processing.

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